​Our Mission is to help fund the medical and behavioral needs of animals in rescue organizations and shelters throughout our community.

Yesterday, Clark Road Animal Clinic - Sarasota, FL contacted us

about this sweet little nugget, Fifi,  needing emergency Pyometra surgery. At only 4 pounds this little girl was pretty sick. She had been seen at an emergency vet over the weekend and eventually ended up in the right hands  Her mom is a hard working, single lady that needed some help making this all happen. Needless to say, mom is overjoyed that Fifi had her surgery yesterday and she was able to take her home to rest and recuperate!  Thank you Dr. Gerber for performing your magic on Fifi!

Your office was a pleasure to work with!

Dog of the Month

Several weeks ago, Satchel’s got a call from a neighboring county shelter about a sweet girl in need. Poppie is guessed to be about 6 years old, a terrier mix and is paralyzed from the waist down. We aren’t sure what caused her injury but it’s not stopping her. Since her arrival at Satchel’s, Poppie has caught the eye of volunteers and staff who are always there to support her special need. In the first month of her arrival she has been given her personal wheelchair, stroller, car seat, drag bag and has a massage therapist making visits. Poppie is a vibrant social girl who loves spending time with her human companions. She is very treat motivated with one of her favorite treats being the homemade frozen peanut butter yogurt treats she gets from her favorite volunteer. Poppie seems to be okay with some dogs and could possibly live with a cat. Poppie’s perfect home would be with someone who spends a lot of time at home and sees her abilities, not her disability.


Ok!  We are ready to have guests/supporters sign up for our Sunday, May 2 creative event at Nailed It DIY Sarasota from 3:00-5:00 p.m. 
Go on line to sign up @
Questions you might have:
1) What if I can’t make it to the event?  You can book ANY time during the month of May, and use LEADSRQ as your code, for us to receive proceeds. 
2) I’m not ready to be in a crowd yet, what can I do?  You can pick your piece you’d like to create and it will be ready for you to pick up and create at home. When you book yourself you can choose to take it to go. 
3) Can I bring a friend? Yes, please do!  Even more than one!
4) Will we have fun?  Heck yes!  
There will be “refreshments”, snacks, door prizes and raffle baskets!  
Remember, our sole purpose is to raise funds to support the medical and/or behavioral needs of animals in our community. 

April 20, 2021

Last September,Bianca’s owners reached out to Satchels Last Resort Animal Shelter/Sanctuary because they could no longer care for her. Satchel’s agreed to take her ❤️ Bianca being a Great Pyrenees is a large, fluffy girl weighing over 100 pounds.  Knowing the regular shelter life would not have been an option for her we knew she needed another setting. LEADSRQ stepped in and approached Jenn Hummel, owner of Ace Pet Resort for placement. Jenn and her staff welcomed Bianca with open arms. We knew that Bianca was going to be one of those dogs that needed a particular forever match. It took 7 months and dozens of meet and greets, through the tireless efforts of Jill Beg Creevy, but the right home was finally found for Bianca. Bianca has been in her new home for a few weeks. Sallie and Bob report that they are all working with a trainer and that Bianca is adjusting well! She is a very happy girl ❤️ We are sending A HUGE THANK YOU to Jenn and her staff at Ace Pet Resort for the 7 months of love and care you gave this girl!  LEADSRQ thanks their supporters and donors! Because of you we could make this “resort life” happen for Bianca while her parents sought her out!

March 13, 2021

LEADSR’s first public fundraiser, in over a year, was held at 99Bottles on Feb. 16. We’d like to thank everyone that came out to support our mission to provide medical care and/or behavioral support to animals in our community. We have some special thank you’s to shout out! 

️Mark Tuchman, owner of 99 Bottles, thank you providing your beautiful taproom & bottle shop!

️Erica Lynn Caswell, owner of Pick of the Litter Pet Care & Concierge, LLC, for making the event happen and introducing us to new friends of LEADSRQ. 

️Shayne Bench & Sheri Bench for your very generous donation that will make a difference!

️Rebekah Peranio, owner of The Pantry, LLC, was the pop up chef and key contributor. Not only did she cook up some delicious local, organic dishes, she also donated her proceeds and then some️ 




February 27, 2021

Our friends at Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc. picked Gertie up on February 13th, from Manatee County Animal Services.  She was found in a ditch on the 10th, unable to walk and a temp of 103.  She was taken straight to Blue Pearl where they ran bloodwork and sedated her for xrays.  Her bloodwork was good all things considered. She was slightly anemic and a slight increase in white cells. 

The bad news is she will need surgery. She had an old broken right femur that had fused together - crooked. Her new injury was a broken pelvis around her left hip - broken in 2 places. She also has a fracture in her pelvis. What a tough girl Gertie is! 

The first thing they had to figure out is what the ugly growth on her chest is. X-rays did not reveal any metastatic disease. Well, the good new is the growths were benign!! 

Sweet Gertie is on the right track and will continue on the path to healing ️ LEADSRQ was happy to donate to help improve this senior girls life!



February 27, 2021

Blue was hit by a car recently and requires spinal surgery.  She has been receiving care at Suncoast Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center but will need a specialist to perform the surgery.  


Lost Pet Services, Inc. and LEAD SRQ are teaming up to help Blue get the surgery she needs to repair her spinal fracture. 


If you’d like to read More about Blue’s story go to the Lost Pet Services page and see how her owner loves her. We are happy to help support Blue and her recovery. 



February 27, 2021

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right place for dogs to reside while waiting for their forever homes. So, LEADSRQ, has found itself in a “pickle” a few times and had to think outside the box to help dogs and cats in need. Maybe there was no space for them at a rescue or maybe life has been too stressful for them and they needed to decompress, maybe they’ve lived an unstructured life and needed to learn some limits and manners. Over the last year, we have found that we needed to support the funding of these dogs by placing them at a local boarding facility or  into a board/train situation with a certified trainer. None of this could have been possible without the continuous, generous, ongoing donations from the Keating Family Foundation. LEADSRQ would like to reach out and give a huge thank you to The Keating Family Foundation. Another extremely generous donation was made in October in memory of our beloved co-director, Doug Gilliland. We would not be able to offer this “above and beyond” support for these special furbabies without this additional support. During these difficult times you’ve made it possible for these dogs to get the support they need to make it into their forever homes or one step closer. 

Cece, Bernie, Chipper, Lou, Phillip, Handsome, Rocket, Dusty, Hershey and Bianca appreciate the support of The Keating Family Foundation. Some are happily adopted in homes and the others are one step closer.



It’s time for LEADSRQ to give a big a “SHOUT OUT” in support of Ace Pet Resort! ACE is an excellent, local, small business that is owned and operated by Jenn Hummel and her caring staff. The resort offers boarding, daycare, bathing/grooming and is open to not only dogs & cats, but also to birds, ferrets, pot bellied pigs and various other animals. Jenn has been a friend to the rescue world for many years and we’d like to recognize her business. Jenn also has 

Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc. which is a nonprofit that supports senior dogs Please share this info on your personal FB page and with friends that could use this service! 

P.S. Gift certificates are also available

A big shout out to The Orlando Dog Mom Club and Myriam Gutstein for making LEADSRQ the recipient of one of your monthly fundraising event.  Their events help support nonprofits that focus on the wellbeing of dogs. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.  Also, thank you Erin Gilliland for nominating us❤️
Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 5.41.59 PM.png

Thank you so much to all our wonderful donors for making our first ever participation in the Giving Challenge a big success! During this event we received thousands of dollars in contributions from the following individuals: 

Erin Gilliland, Jim Beg, Jill Beg Creevy , Karen Williams, Brenda Foster, Deborah Gilliland, Marjorie Beg, Gail Gilliland Balkwill, Megan Creevy, Doug Gilliland, Bill Balkwill, Judy Scrimenti, Kelly Golick, Dale Turner, James Golick, Jeff Beg, Christine Christian, Lisa Lampel, Joe Creevy, Carolyn Eliades, Kim Beg, Page Knoebel, ML, Siena, Jimmy & Lila, Lisa Hummel, Cheryl Caprio, Kathy Rainey, Madeline Young, Joyce Hackman, Oliver, Debbie Andrick & Sharyn, Kelly King Dean, Pam Arnold Peplow, Judith Berger, Karen Paonessa Cameron, Sally Sams, James Blackford,  Peter J Walocko & Claire Walocko, Jennifer Hummel, Beth Wilson, Vets to You LLC, Janis Pulcinella, Sarah Egebergh,  Maureen Corristan, Rhys Miller, Pamela Shoosmith, H. Gilliland, Linnea Appleby, Mark Thomas Gilliland, Maya Soliman, Carson Gilliland & Jinell Carslin, Lynn Billi, Nicole Paternosto, Dani Ziegler, Karen Molanare, Lorie Neal, Kim Bald, Iris Eastman, Joyce Nuehring, Amelia B., Kemper Family, and Cindy Christo Brown.

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Recipient of Giving





Meet Biggie! He’s a handsome guy that’s been having to visit the vet once per week for the last 3 months. As you can imagine this has been a financial hardship on the family that dearly loves him. His mom approached a local rescue and they guided her to LEADSRQ.

Biggie had chronic ear infections, ear hematomas, skin issues and a mass that needed to be removed. Since LEADSRQ’s main focus is to GET them in homes and to KEEP them there, we stepped up to assist with Biggie. Yesterday, Biggie had surgery to remove his ear and the mass. Hopefully, this will allow this guy to do other things with his time besides going to the doctor. Thank you

Banfield Pet Hospital

for working with us for the well-being of Biggie