Recipients of Giving

During these difficult times, LEADSRQ is continuing our mission of supporting the behavioral and medical needs of animals in our community.


In early February, Momma Kitty (a 7 yr old Tabby cat) was brought to Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital due to an abscess on her back right leg. While there they drained 80cc’s of fluid and she was put on antibiotics. Now, fast forward to early March. Owners returned with her after no positive results from the meds. The doctor suspected it was cancer at the point of injection for the Rabies vaccination. Who knew? A histopathology and bloodwork was completed and amputation was recommended. This surgery was completed a week ago by Dr. Luna and her amazing staff. Momma Kitty went through the surgery successfully and is healing well at home. Her mom was very appreciative of LEADSRQ for helping her with this emotional event and having the opportunity to continue her life with her furry feline


How shocking it must have been for Snuggles when she visited with a doggy friend after a recent grooming and was attacked by her friend. Her mom, Rhonda, said the other dog must have not recognized her. She was devastated by this and desperately needed help! Veterinary Medical Center at LWR contacted us asking for support for this sweet 14 yr old Bichon whose eye had literally popped out. The surgery was performed this week and Snuggles is home recuperating. We contacted Rhonda this morning to check in on Snuggles and she expressed how thankful she is for LEADSRQ stepping up to assist. Heal quickly Snuggles!


Sweet Mimi, a 8 yr old Chihuahua, had a seizure that caused increased pressure in her eyes resulting in her left eye rupturing. She was in need of Enucleation Surgery, removal of her eye.  

Dr. Nina's Animal Hospital reached out to LEADSRQ due to the owner needing financial assistance. Mimi made it through the surgery like a champ and will be monitored for future seizures. Wishing you a long and healthy life Mimi!  

**Our apologies if this picture is too graphic for some. Her beauty will be shining through in no time! 


Young Leon's family is going through some financial hardships and feared they would not be able to continue his monthly allergy medications. Leon's Mom reached out to LEADSRQ asking for assistance until they get back on their feet and we happily agreed. We wish Leon and their family all the best and look forward to updates! Thank you to our supporters who allow us to continue helping dogs like Leon in times of need.


LEADSRQ is thrilled to announce the latest recipients of our behavior training grants - Bella Roo, Tula and Ruger!


Dakota Bear and Gunner are two of our most recent recipients of LEADSRQ training grants. 


Maverick, a 3-year-old cat, was a recent recipient of medical support from LEADSRQ. This lovable boy was experiencing much discomfort from kidney crystals which were causing a blockage and inflammation. The vet at Southgate Animal Hospital

did surgery to unblock Maverick's urethra. We are happy to report that Maverick has healed up and is doing well on his special diet that will prevent him from having this problem again. We are so happy that we could help Maverick be pain-free and healthy again!


Welsea, pronounced “We’ll see”, is a 16 mth. old Rottweiler, that obviously broke her leg. Welsea lives with her two siblings, pups and parents in a big dog household. Her parents applied for CareCredit (pet insurance) and were approved for part of the cost and LEADSRQ assisted with the rest! Thank you to the expertise of

Dr. Rose and his staff at Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota for getting this girl up and moving!

Welsea is a keeper, no second thoughts about keeping this girl


There’s a first time for everything!  Recently, we got a call about a family in need. Sadly, they lost most everything due to a electrical fire. Fortunately, the humans, three dogs, a cat, a parakeet, a tortoise and two dove got out safely. Well kind of the cat was treated with smoke inhalation, but we are happy to say is doing well. The family has had to split up and live in two places resulting in relocating some of the animals for the time being.
This is where LEADSRQ enters. Let us introduce you to Olaf he has been a member of the family for many years and is dearly loved. He and his buddy (the other) went to stay at a friend’s house after the fire. During his daily “flight time” Olaf had a mishap which resulted in an injury. He was seen at Bay Road Animal Hospital (Honore & 17th) by their avian specialist and a puncture wound was found. At this point,  he does not have use of the leg but thankfully is not in pain. He will be observed in home for the next few weeks and seen again for a follow-up visit.  We hope that Olaf recovers but know whatever the end result is…. he’ll be loved and cared for.


Henry’s dad had fallen on hard times when he lost his job due to cuts during Covid.  Then a few weeks ago his pup Henry had an accident and he rushed him to the Veterinary Medical Center at LWR.
They reached out to LEADSRQ to assist so they could work their magic!  Being a young pup, only 7 weeks old, with a fractured back leg is an ouchy! Henry is scheduled for a dressing change and recheck X-rays tomorrow.  Paws crossed that his leg is healing properly!  We are happy to say that dad is back working again!. Thank you for donating to LEADSRQ so we can continue to offer help to those that need it.


When I met Butchy and his mom today at Animal Rescue Coalition I immediately saw the connection between them. It’s a story of true love she rescued him, and he’s supported her through some difficult times. Butchy needed to get updated on all of his shots, a HW test (negative), a microchip, monthly flea/tick/heart worm prevention and a rabies tag!  Butchy showed his good manners and left feeling lucky once again. Thank you ARC staff for being so welcoming to Butchy and his mom. Also, a big shout out of thanks goes to Madeline Young for bringing Butchy to our attention!


Spike and Sophie’s Mom is a hardworking, single Mom who takes excellent care of her furbabies. This year, she needed a little extra help with their annual vaccinations/wellness care and reached out to LEADSRQ. Working with our friends at Animal Rescue Coalition Rescue Coalition, Spike and Sophie received full head-to-toe examinations, vaccinations and monthly heart worm and flea/tick prevention.  Wellness care is so important for the health and longevity of dogs, and we were happy we could help these two sweet pups stay on track.


Lulu hit the jackpot last year when she was adopted by a wonderful family. She has a great Mom, Dad and fun human siblings. Everything was complete except for her lifelong health problem of urinary incontinence. Lulu’s family took her to see several different veterinarians and specialists, trying different types of medications and treatments, including holistic. Most of the treatments and medications helped ease her incontinence but nothing actually resolved the issue. When their resources started to run thin, Lulu’s family reached out to LEADSRQ and we were happy to help. Two dogs we have helped with incontinence in the past were diagnosed with ectopic ureters after having CT scans. Ectopic ureters are an anatomical defect in some dogs where the ureters do not connect properly to the bladder causing urine to drain elsewhere. So, we sent Lulu for a CT scan with Dr. Rose at Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota where she was indeed diagnosed with ectopic ureters!  This past Monday, LEADSRQ sponsored Lulu’s ectopic ureter surgery with Dr. Rose giving this family what they most wanted this holiday season: a healthy, happy dog!


Welcome to Sarasota Moose! We know that you are enjoying our beautiful winter weather…..much warmer than Michigan this time of year!  Starting a new life can be a little “ruff” in a new place and it hit Moose and his dad pretty hard. Three weeks after arriving dad lost his job due to COVID “cutbacks” Being new to the area, Moose was in need of a veterinarian so he could continue on his heart meds, had an eye issue going on and was in need of something very basic…!  LEADSRQ purchased enough food for a month and made him an appointment with Dr. Carrie at Sarasota Animal Hospital.  Our friends gave him a checkup and he was supplied the necessary meds. This next week he’s going to Animal Rescue Coalition so he can continue his monthly flea/tick and heart worm prevention. Dad is overwhelmed with gratitude for the support he’s been given and checks in with us periodically. We wish Moose and his dad a very Happy 2022 



Sometimes life throws you curveballs! Kitty, a 6 yr-old domestic shorthair feline, was a stray that found his way to his forever family 5 years ago. The family has had some financial hardships, due to no fault of their own, and one of Kitty’s parents are now facing medical issues. If that’s not bad enough, Kitty presented to Dr. Wendy Ellis,

Veterinary Medical Center at LWR

last week and was diagnosed with urinary blockage. While there, Dr. Ellis proficiently treated, monitored with a urinary catheter and administered meds. Within a day or so there had been no improvement. They knew he needed surgery, a Perineal Urethrostomy. Kitty needed the next level of support. So, off he went to Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota where Dr. Rose performed a skilled surgery on Kitty. With this surgery and a lifetime special diet, Kitty is expected to lead a normal life! He had another day recovering back at Veterinary Medical Center at LWR before he went home. He’s not especially fond of the “cone of shame” but he’s happy to be back with his family getting spoiled. Thank you to ALL involved helping Kitty make his way back home!

Any donation is appreciated! Just tap on the “paw” below



Last September,Bianca’s owners reached out to Satchels Last Resort Animal Shelter/Sanctuary because they could no longer care for her. Satchel’s agreed to take her ❤️ Bianca being a Great Pyrenees is a large, fluffy girl weighing over 100 pounds.  Knowing the regular shelter life would not have been an option for her we knew she needed another setting. LEADSRQ stepped in and approached Jenn Hummel, owner of Ace Pet Resort for placement. Jenn and her staff welcomed Bianca with open arms. We knew that Bianca was going to be one of those dogs that needed a particular forever match. It took 7 months and dozens of meet and greets, through the tireless efforts of Jill Beg Creevy, but the right home was finally found for Bianca. Bianca has been in her new home for a few weeks. Sallie and Bob report that they are all working with a trainer and that Bianca is adjusting well! She is a very happy girl ❤️ We are sending A HUGE THANK YOU to Jenn and her staff at Ace Pet Resort for the 7 months of love and care you gave this girl!  LEADSRQ thanks their supporters and donors! Because of you we could make this “resort life” happen for Bianca while her parents sought her out!


Our friends at Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc. picked Gertie up on February 13th, from Manatee County Animal Services.  She was found in a ditch on the 10th, unable to walk and a temp of 103.  She was taken straight to Blue Pearl where they ran bloodwork and sedated her for xrays.  Her bloodwork was good all things considered. She was slightly anemic and a slight increase in white cells. 

The bad news is she will need surgery. She had an old broken right femur that had fused together - crooked. Her new injury was a broken pelvis around her left hip - broken in 2 places. She also has a fracture in her pelvis. What a tough girl Gertie is! 

The first thing they had to figure out is what the ugly growth on her chest is. X-rays did not reveal any metastatic disease. Well, the good new is the growths were benign!! 

Sweet Gertie is on the right track and will continue on the path to healing ️ LEADSRQ was happy to donate to help improve this senior girls life!




Blue was hit by a car recently and requires spinal surgery.  She has been receiving care at Suncoast Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center but will need a specialist to perform the surgery.  


Lost Pet Services, Inc. and LEAD SRQ are teaming up to help Blue get the surgery she needs to repair her spinal fracture. 


If you’d like to read More about Blue’s story go to the Lost Pet Services page and see how her owner loves her. We are happy to help support Blue and her recovery. 




Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right place for dogs to reside while waiting for their forever homes. So, LEADSRQ, has found itself in a “pickle” a few times and had to think outside the box to help dogs and cats in need. Maybe there was no space for them at a rescue or maybe life has been too stressful for them and they needed to decompress, maybe they’ve lived an unstructured life and needed to learn some limits and manners. Over the last year, we have found that we needed to support the funding of these dogs by placing them at a local boarding facility or  into a board/train situation with a certified trainer. None of this could have been possible without the continuous, generous, ongoing donations from the Keating Family Foundation. LEADSRQ would like to reach out and give a huge thank you to The Keating Family Foundation. Another extremely generous donation was made in October in memory of our beloved co-director, Doug Gilliland. We would not be able to offer this “above and beyond” support for these special furbabies without this additional support. During these difficult times you’ve made it possible for these dogs to get the support they need to make it into their forever homes or one step closer. 

Cece, Bernie, Chipper, Lou, Phillip, Handsome, Rocket, Dusty, Hershey and Bianca appreciate the support of The Keating Family Foundation. Some are happily adopted in homes and the others are one step closer.


Mojito, Sam, Bandit, Piper and Dakota (pictured below) are the most recent recipients of LEADSRQ behavioral training grants. Each dog’s story is unique but whether they are working on behavior modification or overcoming anxieties, each dog has the great fortune of being a member of a loving family committed to doing all they can to help their dog succeed. Families requesting training assistance can submit their applications online at our website Once approved, LEADSRQ will sponsor an in-home evaluation with one of our animal behavior consultants who will determine the recommended number of sponsored in-home sessions. Working together, dog, trainer and families can make a huge difference! LEADSRQ is so proud of the 34 dogs we have supported with training so far in 2021!! Please contact us at if you would like more information about our behavioral training grants and how they may help you and your dog.

Your support today, #GivingTuesday 2021, and every day is so appreciated!!





Meet Biggie! He’s a handsome guy that’s been having to visit the vet once per week for the last 3 months. As you can imagine this has been a financial hardship on the family that dearly loves him. His mom approached a local rescue and they guided her to LEADSRQ.

Biggie had chronic ear infections, ear hematomas, skin issues and a mass that needed to be removed. Since LEADSRQ’s main focus is to GET them in homes and to KEEP them there, we stepped up to assist with Biggie. Yesterday, Biggie had surgery to remove his ear and the mass. Hopefully, this will allow this guy to do other things with his time besides going to the doctor. Thank you

Banfield Pet Hospital

for working with us for the well-being of Biggie



Yesterday, Clark Road Animal Clinic - Sarasota, FL contacted us

about this sweet little nugget, Fifi,  needing emergency Pyometra surgery. At only 4 pounds this little girl was pretty sick. She had been seen at an emergency vet over the weekend and eventually ended up in the right hands  Her mom is a hard working, single lady that needed some help making this all happen. Needless to say, mom is overjoyed that Fifi had her surgery yesterday and she was able to take her home to rest and recuperate!  Thank you Dr. Gerber for performing your magic on Fifi!

Your office was a pleasure to work with!


Monsey, 6 months old male kitty, was overly inquisitive and ingested hair ties!  Ouch!  He also had not been spayed and owner is on limited income. So, the Veterinary Medical Center at Lakewood Ranch worked their magic, with our financial assistance, and removed the blockage and made sure this boy didn’t pass on any offspring. Happy life handsome boy!



Cece’s young life has been filled with too many twists and turns, until now. Originally, Cece was in a neighboring county shelter as a stray for 1 1/2 years. She was adopted but not long afterward her owner surrendered her to a local shelter due to losing his home. After spending a year there, she found herself looking for a new place to live and Satchel’s Last Resort stepped up and committed to Cece. LEADSRQ contacted
ACE Pet Resort/Vintage Paws to set up boarding for Cece. We knew that Cece needed time to decompress and to have the experience of havIng direct time with consistent handlers twice daily going on walks, car rides, trips to local parks and pool time. After 42 days a couple saw her on Facebook and knew they had to meet Cece. They instantly fell in love and it was mutual for Cece. LEADSRQ set Cece up for a successful transition by giving her two in home training sessions with Iris Eastman. 
We are happy to say that things are going well and Cece is settling into her forever home. This is what can happen when three nonprofits come together to save a life. 

April 20, 2021



Sweet, young Oreo found himself at a county shelter with a strange growth on his head. His skull appeared almost cone shaped and would seem to fluctuate from week to week in size. Veterinarians could only guess what the growth meant and worried about tampering it with biopsies as it may only exacerbate the problem. LEADSRQ was very happy to offer funding a CT contrast scan with our friends at Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota. After a full day of testing, we were thrilled to learn of Oreo’s diagnosis: idiopathic calvarial hyperostosis  - a rare, benign x-linked disorder that only affects the skull.  Oreo’s prognosis is good and his future looks even better because he was recently adopted and has a wonderful, new Mom!! Congratulations Oreo and happy life to you and your new family!

April 20, 2021

Say hello to adorable Hunk, available for adoption from Bishop Animal Shelter, SPCA of Manatee County, Inc.

LEADSRQ is sponsoring Hunk's medical treatment for his heart worm disease, and we look forward to watching this sweet boy begin the next happy and healthy chapter of his life.  Please contact Bishop Animal Shelter if you would like more information on Hunk or any of their other amazing animals up for adoption.



Congratulations to Eva and her foster-now-forever Mom, Loxy! After two plus years in a shelter, Eva will begin the next chapter of her young life in a loving home. LEADSRQ is thrilled to offer this young pup and her Mom three in-home training sessions as they start their new lives together.  We believe training a new shelter dog is the best way to set them up for success, and we couldn’t be happier for Eva and her new Mom!

March 13, 2021

A handsome guy, wouldn't you say?  Chopper was recently adopted from Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch into a loving home that has a cat. Yep, a cat!  So, to make sure his transition is a smooth and successful one, LEADSRQ has hired Iris Eastman

to work her magic and teach Chopper to put his best paw forward!  



November 17, 2020

Dusty, pictured on the left, was recently adopted from the Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch. It wasn’t an easy start for this 2-3 yr. old guy. He needed a bit of time to learn how to trust humans and to express himself appropriately. Before he was adopted, LEADSRQ paid to have Dusty board and trained with Iris Eastman.

We are happy to say it’s exactly what Dusty needed. By the third week Dusty turned the corner! We are also sponsoring 3 at-home training visits by Iris so that the transition into his forever can be seamless.



October 26 2020

We've been busy at LEADSRQ these past few months! These happy pups were all recipients of sponsored training by LEADSRQ. As always, we believe in setting dogs up for success with training so the dogs know how to behave and what is expected of them. Plus, they enjoy it! We wouldn't have it any other way.


Stormi is a young kitty that was taken in by a friend after the owner passed away. He was taken to the vet for a check up and to have a growth inspected. The vet removed the growth that did not heal and needed further testing. After a visit to Blue Pearl, and 9 tissue sample biopsies, it was found that Stormi had a fungal infection. 
LEADSRQ is happy to say that with the correct diagnosis and meds that Stormi is doing well. Stormi’s new mom shared with us that she is grateful for LEADSRQ’s assistance in getting to the bottom of the problem. This will give them more time together. We are “purrfectly” excited for Stormi’s new life, however long it might be.





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