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Thank you so much to all our wonderful donors for making our first ever participation in the Giving Challenge a big success! During this event we received thousands of dollars in contributions from the following individuals: 

Erin Gilliland, Jim Beg, Jill Beg Creevy , Karen Williams, Brenda Foster, Deborah Gilliland, Marjorie Beg, Gail Gilliland Balkwill, Megan Creevy, Doug Gilliland, Bill Balkwill, Judy Scrimenti, Kelly Golick, Dale Turner, James Golick, Jeff Beg, Christine Christian, Lisa Lampel, Joe Creevy, Carolyn Eliades, Kim Beg, Page Knoebel, ML, Siena, Jimmy & Lila, Lisa Hummel, Cheryl Caprio, Kathy Rainey, Madeline Young, Joyce Hackman, Oliver, Debbie Andrick & Sharyn, Kelly King Dean, Pam Arnold Peplow, Judith Berger, Karen Paonessa Cameron, Sally Sams, James Blackford,  Peter J Walocko & Claire Walocko, Jennifer Hummel, Beth Wilson, Vets to You LLC, Janis Pulcinella, Sarah Egebergh,  Maureen Corristan, Rhys Miller, Pamela Shoosmith, H. Gilliland, Linnea Appleby, Mark Thomas Gilliland, Maya Soliman, Carson Gilliland & Jinell Carslin, Lynn Billi, Nicole Paternosto, Dani Ziegler, Karen Molanare, Lorie Neal, Kim Ball, Iris Eastman, Joyce Nuehring, Amelia B., Kemper Family, and Cindy Christo Brown.

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During these difficult times, LEADSRQ continues to support animals in need.  While practicing social distancing we’ve been very busy!  Here is an one update of what has been happening in the last month or so.

    Graham is a dog that was originally at a local shelter.  After time spent there, being passed up in adoptions, he was chosen by the Humane Society of Manatee County. They accepted that he wouldn’t be an quick and easy fit for just any adopter so LEADSRQ stepped in to offer the support of a trainer to work with Graham and a couple of other dogs.  Through our support, Iris Eastman provided her behavioral training services to Graham. Graham made significant progress and was even adopted!  Due to no fault of his own, Graham was quickly returned. 

     Now, the next chapter of Graham’s life has taken a positive turn!  Foster Dog Farms, LLC came to visit him and swept him away to their training camp.  With the restraints that Covid-19 has put on the world, this opened up space and time at their facility. LEADSRQ made a donation towards this special opportunity for Graham.  While there he has been working on impulse control and reactivity.  His most recent update shows that he is making great progress and has earned the nickname, Graham Cracker! 

    Whoever finally steps up and makes the full commitment to follow through with what Graham has been taught will have a furfriend forever!  Paws crossed for handsome Graham!



Talulah is a beautiful 6 year old girl that is currently at Humane Society of Manatee County.  She’s playful, loves tennis balls, Kongs and stuffed toys.  Ropes are special too because she loves to play tug-of-war!  She would be great in a family that would follow through with the training she has received.  A yard would be a must since she’s a tough and tumble kind of girl.  She would also possibly like another dog her size to be her BFF!  

   So, what would be holding this girl back from being adopted?  Talulah has had an issue that has kept her from being adopted for a quite a while.  It was noticed that when Talulah squats to urinate and then stands up…..she continues to have urine discharge.  Of course this is a turn off to potential adopters.  So, this is where LEADSRQ has stepped in.  We helped fund a CT scan to see if they could find the cause of this issue.  The diagnosis revealed that Talulah has an “ectopic ureter”.  This is an abnormality of the ureter (the tubular tissue that connects the kidney to the urinary bladder) where the ureter does not enter into the urinary bladder in the correct anatomic position.  This is something that she was born with and can affect one or both of the ureters.  

   What’s next?  Talulah is scheduled for surgery in the next week or so to correct this issue. LEADSRQ will help fund the surgery along with other “friends of Talulah’s”.  Once she is “all fixed up” she will be ready to find that forever home that she’s so patiently been waiting for!

    Your donation during the Giving Challenge will help continue to support the needs of animals in our community❤️


#Giving Challenge



Joey is a handsome two-year-old Chihuahua that was recently fostered locally while going through heartworm treatment. At the end of treatment he was officially adopted ❤️ Shortly thereafter, Joey started exhibiting difficulties. His mom took him to BluePearl where he was evaluated and treated for complications with his heart and lung functions. 

LEADSRQ was happy to help with his medical costs. We hope this sweet pup has a long, happy and healthy life! We see that his mom bought him a special rug to be comfy on 🐊




During this time of COVID-19 crisis, LEADSRQ continues to support and sponsor dogs in need...Let us introduce you to Cece!  Cece is a beautiful 3 yr. old gal that loves long walks, car rides, time in the pool, playing catch and ALL of her stuffed toys!  She is waiting for the right fit to make an adoption possible. Til then, LEADSRQ will help to support this unique girl. 





A couple of months ago LEADSRQ was asked to support a necessary surgery for a 9 yr. old terrier named Marley. She’s a special girl because she and her dad are homeless. Marley was exhibiting difficulties and it was found she had pyrometra. Pyrometra is a “secondary infection in the uterus that occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the females reproductive tract”.  This can be deadly and we can’t express the importance of spaying your pet. 

We are very happy to report that the surgery performed at Sarasota Animal Hospital went well and Marley is back in her dad’s arms. Thanks to all our donors we were able to help this sweet girl!




Several days after being adopted, Momma began showing signs of tetanus exposure. She was vomiting, unable to move, having seizures and facial muscle spasms. Her newly adopted family reached out to us for assistance and we gladly jumped in to help!

Momma was admitted to a local ER hospital for continuous IV fluid care, nasogastric feeding, muscle relaxants to ease seizures, catheterization and a tetanus antitoxin.

Here is a short video of the unsuccessful attempt to save Momma's life.