LEAD SRQ had a fantastic time with the North Port Daisy Girl Scout Troop 351 on January 15, 2018. The children learned about safety around dogs, played a few games, and created cute dog puppets. Education is part of who we are, and we love teaching kids about responsible behavior around pets.

Four of our staff members, armed with food, dog beds and a $500 donation, visited Vintage Paws Sanctuary for Senior Dogs on September 2, 2017.

Located at 7950 State Road 72, Vintage Paws Sanctuary provides a home-like setting for senior dogs to live out their natural lives instead of dying by premature euthanasia. 

A special thanks to Madeline Young and friends for making the dog beds. 


On August 17, 2017 LEADSRQ visited the Ranch Adoption Center at Nate's Honor Rescue in Bradenton. Karen gave us a tour of the 13 canine cottages, 2 cat rooms and the administrative office. Each canine cottage houses up to 6 dogs, is well insulated and has a ceiling fan driven by solar cells. 

We were impressed with the facilities and the dedicated administrators and volunteers we met. LEADSRQ donated $250 to Nate's in honor of all they do for our furry friends. 

On July 25 & 27, 2017 members of LEADSRQ and Sarasota County Sheriff's Animal Services presented to over 120 elementary students on several topics concerning animal welfare. 


Arts/Crafts Project
    Campers had the opportunity to create a paper bag dog or cat. It was amazing to see how each of them personalized their "pet" to make it their own. While working on their creations it gave us, volunteers from LEADSRQ and SCSOA,  the opportunity to talk with them about the importance of caring for our animals, spay or neutering our pets, what to do if our pets become lost and just the sheer pleasure of listening to young people talk about their love of their personal pets.

Animal Control Officer
    Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Officer, Nikki Osborne, caught the campers attention showing off her tools of her trade!  Miss Osborne showed campers how to catch an possum, safely so that it can be released, how to scan a stray animal for a microchip, discussed the importance of having your pets up to date on their shots and to have them spayed or neutered. She also took the campers on a tour of her van with all its "bells and whistles".  This was a highlight to all involved!

Video/Role Playing
    What do you do if a stray dog is running towards you?   Campers learned that you "Make Like A Tree".  Valuable information was presented through age appropriate videos and role playing. Campers gained the knowledge needed to be safe when meeting a dog they don't know or a stray dog that's running loose near them. A packet of information was given to each child so they could take it home and review it with their parents. Valuable information was gained to make our youth more attentative to the animals around them.

Dog Therapy
    What is the job of a therapy dog? How is their training & job different from a service dog? What traits make for a good therapy dog? What is the meaning of therapy and why is it especially important to the old and the ill? Is there any particular breed that makes for a good therapy or service dog?

These are some of the questions answered by Colby, the Tidewell Hospice Pet Therapy dog. In the presentation Colby talks to the students (using the app My Talking Pet) then quizzes them at the end of the show. To wrap it up, students are invited to gather around Colby and pet him.  


The LEADSRQ staff visited Howard and Goofy, two dogs we helped place at Satchel's Last Resort. Both dogs were happy and healthy and just as excited to see us as we were to see them.

Since 2003 Satchel's has taken in dogs and cats that, due to circumstances beyond their control, have nowhere else to go. Some are placed up for adoption while others will live out their lives as residents of Satchel's.


Satchel's mission is to provide lifelong shelter to dogs and cats deemed unadoptable, nurture and train dogs, and offer temporary shelter to adoptable dogs and cats whose owners can no longer care for them. We believe all dogs and cats are created equal and deserve to live the life of a beloved pet.

Please consider making Goofy, Howard, or one of the other dogs or cats at the resort part of your furever family. If that is not possible consider making a donation to this unique no-kill rescue. 


Howard and Goofy are both available for adoption at

Satchel's Last Resort.



On 6/30/17, after reading a FaceBook request from The Wildlife Center of Venice for needed items, we drove down to their facility to deliver over 200 pounds of dog, cat and bird food for their animals.

The Wildlife Center of Venice is a nonprofit committed to the preservation, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in our local community.  They began in 2004 and service all of Sarasota and West Charlotte counties in the State of Florida.


When some adopters come to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Animal Shelter to pick up their newly adopted dog, they either forget to bring a collar and leash or they don't own one. When that occurs, staff will place the dog in a slip leash, place it in the adopter's car, remove the slip leash from the dog and return to the office. 

To alleviate this problem, we have purchased leashes and collars in various colors and sizes. Now those without a collar or leash will be offered one, free of charge. 


LEADSRQ is honored to be able to support Chewy and his family with his recent diabetes diagnosis.  Chewy, a 10-year-old mastiff mix, is a beloved family member and the emotional support animal for his loving Mom. She reached out to us when his medical bills began mounting and we were happy to be in a position to help. The entire LEADSRQ team is rooting for Chewy and wishing him all the best!


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LEAD SRQ presented Satchels Last Resort Animal Shelter/Sanctuary with a $450 check. This donation made it possible for them to purchase two Samsung Galaxy Tablets, including hard cases and stylus pens. The tablets are compatible with their new software to assist with off-site events, adoptions and medical information.this technology will save time and money - speeding up operations and accuracy. So glad we can assist our community to improve the lives of animals.