Sarasota Animal Hospital reached out to LEADSRQ to see if we could assist with a kitty named Tiger. Today, Tiger had a dental with 8 teeth removed. We hope that Tiger is feeling better and we know his senior mom appreciates our assistance. ‍⬛ Fact: proper Dental Care can extend the life of your pet by 20% (2-5 years)

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Ok!  We are ready to have guests/supporters sign up for our Sunday, May 2 creative event at Nailed It DIY Sarasota from 3:00-5:00 p.m. 
Go on line to sign up @ https://sarasota.naileditdiy.com/product/leadsrq/
Questions you might have:
1) What if I can’t make it to the event?  You can book ANY time during the month of May, and use LEADSRQ as your code, for us to receive proceeds. 
2) I’m not ready to be in a crowd yet, what can I do?  You can pick your piece you’d like to create and it will be ready for you to pick up and create at home. When you book yourself you can choose to take it to go. 
3) Can I bring a friend? Yes, please do!  Even more than one!
4) Will we have fun?  Heck yes!  
There will be “refreshments”, snacks, door prizes and raffle baskets!  
Remember, our sole purpose is to raise funds to support the medical and/or behavioral needs of animals in our community.