A home without a dog is just a house.

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David recently adopted Zena after having to say goodbye to his basset hound of 13 years. Zena’s  former owners didn’t disclose she had kidney stones, 251 to be exact! See, David is a part-time grocery bagger at a local Publix and is on disability, which means he is on a limited income. With the help of a friend of David’s, Jenifer Koehn Funk, local support through a Go Fund Me account and a donation from LEADSRQ, the whole surgery bill was covered and some future services will be provided to Xena.  Dr. Huber, Hagan's Pet Resort, stepped up to provide Zena with the surgery and care she needed. We are happy to announce that she is back home resting comfortably with her dad.


From Elise Matthes, Sarasota In Defense of Animals:
Gail Gilliland Balkwill is being thanked by one of our SDA sanctuary goats for delivering a donation for a new goat barn! Thanks to Gail and the members of LEADS SRQ for their generous contribution toward the construction of the goat barn for SDA. Also, Gail brought the gorgeous headstone for Ella's gravesidte that took my breath away! Gail and her brouther Doug Gilliland in the LEADS SRQ group took care of and loved Ella for the 10 months she was at the county animal shelter and were instrumental in our adopting Ella. Ella's untimely death has left a hole in all our hearts.

Thanks to Jill Cleevy who was able to get a generous donation from the Nylabone company for the shelter dogs at Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Animal Services. As you can see, the dogs are enjoying them greatly.

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On July 8th, 2019 LEADSRQ learned Momma was showing signs of tetanus exposure. She was vomiting, unable to move on her own, having seizures and facial muscle spasms. Her newly adopted family reached out to us for assistance and we gladly jumped in to help! Momma was admitted to a local ER hospital for continuous IV fluid care, nasogastric feeding, muscle relaxants to ease seizures, catheterization and she received a tetanus antitoxin. 


After 24 hours of care, Momma was showing signs of improvement. The sedatives were controlling her seizures, her catheter bag was swelling so she was making urine, and she no longer had a high fever.  

Unfortunately, Momma took a turn for the worse that night and went into respiratory failure. Her family was consulted and made the difficult decision to let her go. 

We are heartbroken that Momma has passed after spending only a few days in her new home. We wil alll miss her.

The Shelter Bed Buddies is a group of Sarasota & Manatee County volunteers who currently provide beds to the cat room at SCAS and to the Humane Society of Manatee County. Recently they contributed dog and cat beds to LEADSRQ to donate when visiting Satchels, Honor, and Vintage Paws. 

The group meets monthly at the Red Cross Building (off Cattlemen Rd) and work with donations from an upholstery shop for the covers and individual donations for the bed inserts. 

A big thanks to the group for making our dogs and cats comfortable during their stay at our shelters. 

On December 7, 2012, a woman brought her elderly mother, who was in a wheelchair, to the cat room at Sarasota County Animal Services. They were very nice ladies and were very gentle and considerate with the cats. A cat jumped in the mother’s lap.  I asked for permission to take a photo and post it to Animal Services Facebook. They graciously said I could do anything I want.


Two and half years later, on July 20, 2015, I again met these ladies (and the daughter’s husband) in the cat room of Animal Services.  During conversation I told them I remembered meeting them a while back, and taking a photo of the mother with a cat on her lap (Noah).  I happened to have several hundred photos of the shelter cats that I put on my cell phone.  I found the photo and showed it to them. They were amazed to see it, and that I remembered them.  Once again I enjoyed the visit of these very lovely people.  It was so nice to see the mother, Margery, again enjoying the cats.  I asked their permission, and took photos and a video of Margery (with cats Nya and Kona).  


July 2016, I contacted Margery’s daughter Gwen (who is a health professional) to see when she would be bringing Margery to see the cats, for her 90th birthday.  (Usually they come every year around Margery’s birthday they told me.)   I wanted to do something special for Margery.  Very long story short, Margery was no longer residing at the living assisted facility.  Her health was such that she needed to be evaluated to determine whether she would be going to a nursing home or elsewhere.  


Margery’s photo is on the wall of the newly decorated cat room at Sarasota County Animal Services.  


Margery, wherever you are, thank you for loving cats.  It was a pleasure to have met you for those way too brief moments.  I will never forget you.

                                                                            - Madeline Young

Cappie, a pit bull mix that spent several months with us at the Sarasota County Animal Shelter, is photographed trying on hats in preparation for the North's harsh winters.

In February, 2018 Cappie's new dad was driving past SCAS and happened to notice a volunteer walking Cappie.  He stopped to get out and ask about Cappie as he was interested in getting a buddy for his dog, Dexter.  Later on in the week, the meeting between Dexter and Cappie went well and Cappie became a member of the family.

The family is now moving to North Dakota and Cappie and Dexter need to dress for the weather.