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Happy Tails


MAX IS ADOPTED! And it happened like this. Marie found a cat in the street with a collar and brought it to her vet to check for a microchip (The kitty did have a chip). While Marie was at the vet office, she told staff that she was ready to adopt again (her cat had previously passed). She said she was going to go to a rescue tomorrow to look for a cat. Staff said, “What about Max?” and  Marie said, “Who’s Max?”. Marie’s vet happens to be Max’s vet. They posted my photo collage and story of Max on their Facebook. Since Marie doesn’t have a computer, she never saw Max’s Facebook post. Staff showed Marie the post, and she was already in love with Max.  Immediately, Marie contacted Madeline, as Max was everything she wanted (a senior, male, special needs kitty). After meeting Marie and seeing her home Madeline knew this was a perfect match. She's since seen Max at Marie’s, and not only are they friends now, but Marie and Max’s previous mom are in touch and will visit Max as soon as she is able to. Had Marie not found that cat in the street and taken him to her vet’s office, Marie and Max would not have found each other.


Ringo's new mom met him when he first came to Sarasota County Animal Services and had been following him on SCAS Facebook Page since early 2018. She knew he was active and loved to swim and had decided that once she was able to get her yard fenced in that she would pursue her efforts to adopt him. She began introducing this idea to her fiancé and eventually was able to arrange that he meet Ringo. Ringo had been at the shelter for a year and a half and finally that special day came when he went to his very own home. He has started his obedience training and has been on many outings including the Pet Store, Home Depot, outside restaurants and the dog park. Mom says he loves car rides, fuzzy blankets and Dad's pillows when he is at work. He continues to have an intense love of tennis balls and swimming and was lucky to have a family who enjoy swimming with him. Everyone is overjoyed that Ringo has finally found his forever home with a family who adore him and are able to give him the time, attention and love that he so deserves! 


Violet (now known as Tesla or Tess) was adopted by her new family after seeing her photo on the website. When they arrived at Sarasota County Animal Services they met her and one other dog. Tess bonded quickly with them and the fact that she had been at the shelter for 364 days helped to make their decision a little easier. Tess has adjusted quickly to her new home and Mom describes her as a "cuddle bug" and a "couch hog." Tess loves taking long walks and being chased around the house. She is so sweet and loves giving her new Mom and Dad lots of kisses. Another long-timer whose wait was well worth it to find a great match!

Kebo's new mom was looking for not only a family pet, but also a dog who could be trained to become her service dog.  She went to Sarasota County Animal Services searching for a dog with a calm temperament. When she stopped at Kebo's kennel, he looked up at her and she felt a connection.  

The first step was to have Florida Dog Guides come out and temperament test Kebo in numerous categories and he achieved perfect scores in every category. He is currently going through both basic obedience training and specialized service dog training and doing fantastic. Kebo's (now named Sparky) owner states that she's had many dogs but "he is by far the best one I have ever had!

Stella, our March Dog of the Month, was adopted on 4/4/18 by a retired couple looking for a sister for their 7 month old male canine.
Stella was adopted several years ago from the shelter but was returned last year when the family moved and couldn't take her with them. 
We are so happy that Stella has found her furever home.
Zeus, our April Dog go the Month, was adopted on 4/15 after spending over 6 months at the Sarasota County Animal Shelter. Zeus was extremely stressed out at the shelter, so much that Cathy, a dog walker volunteer, was fostering her for days at a time to reduce Zeus' stress level. He is now in a loving home with 4 adults.
Foxy was brought in with several medical issues: underweight, an upper respiratory infection, heartworm positive and permanently blind. Last July she went into foster care with a shelter volunteer who has since adopted her. Foxy now lives with "sibling" Rita (also a rescue) and is preparing to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test in May, 2018.  

Bo's new family had been looking to adopt for awhile and when they met Bo, they said "He chose us."  Bo is doing fantastic and is a big part of their life as he goes almost everywhere with them.  He is very social; loves going to the dog park and gets along great with all of the dogs he meets. He enjoys romping on the beach and feeling the wind in his fur.  Mom said even when he is off leash at the park, he always comes back to check that his leash is there where he left it. They describe Bo as a great and lovable dog with such a big personality and heart and also wanted to say thank you to Sarasota County Animal Services for giving them the best dog they could have asked for. Mom says "It's Bo's world and we're just living in it!"


Bolt's new family had come in to meet a different dog, but they saw a volunteer walking 8-year-old Bolt and wanted to meet him. They loved his sweet temperament and adorable facial expressions and made the decision that an older dog would fit their family perfectly. Bolt is friendly, mellow and a big teddy bear and they all adore him. Although the cat has no interest in Bolt, they get along just fine. Bolt has learned how to navigate the stairs and loves sleeping with his human brother. Mom says that often when they go out for their walk, Bolt will stop and sit by the car because he loves car rides so much. Bolt is very lucky to have found his loving forever family, and Mom says, "He is perfect!"


Dallas' new mom lives very close to Sarasota County Animal Services and decided to ride her bike over to look at the dogs.  She was actually looking for a small dog but when she stopped in front of a kennel, she said that small dog started barking which set off a "chain reaction" and all the dogs began barking for attention. She saw Dallas quietly lying in his kennel very calmly ignoring this "canine conversation." Although he was larger than she wanted, she decided to meet him and instantly fell in love.  Loki is doing fantastic. She said he loves to go to the dog park; is very social and plays with many dogs.  She said he is "as sweet as can be" and that she knows he is very happy in his new home!


Taz's new family had two other rescue dogs in the past; a German Shepard that lived to be 14 and a Labrador that lived to be 10.  Both dogs had passed away during the last two years and now that their son was going off to college and mom was not working as much, they decided it was the right time to adopt. They came in and worked with a volunteer who introduced them to Taz. They loved his appearance and "big beautiful yellow eyes." Mom says he has lots of puppy energy and they are working with a trainer. Taz is on a strict schedule and gets lots of exercise. He loves to swim, go to the beach and also out on the boat. He loves going to the dog park and gets along great with other dogs. She said that when they are watching tv at night, he is always between them on the couch. 


Cookie had been at Sarasota County Animal Services for almost one year.  Although she had been adopted a few months ago, she had been returned as she was not "the right fit" for that particular family. Although she was a great dog, she was often overlooked by potential adopters.

Cookie now lives on a large property with her canine brother, Perry, who was adopted from Satchels Last Resort. Cookie and Perry love to run and play endlessly and snuggle up for naps when tired out. From the first day Cookie arrived at her new home, her Mom has provided training, plenty of exercise and lots of love. Cookie's true personality has blossomed and everyone is happy that this "long timer" has finally found a fantastic forever home!


When Trixie's new family were ready to adopt, Dad visited Sarasota County Animal Services on his own. They have an 8 yr. old Dachshund, so he had to find a dog who would get along with Webster.  Dad was introduced to four different dogs and brought his wife and 11 yr. old daughter back a few days later to meet them. The other dogs had been adopted and Trixie's introduction to Webster went very well, so it was her lucky day! Dad said that Trixie was a little nervous at first with all of the new things to see and hear in the house, but she has adjusted well and is great friends with Webster. Her crate training has also been successful. Dad says that Trixie is a sweet heart and they could not be happier that Trixie has joined their family!


Email from Celeste's adopter: I had googled the name Celeste and discovered that in French the meaning is “celestial, angelic and heavenly,” which describes her perfectly and since Cece is a nickname for Celeste, I now call her Cece. This young and vibrant name fits the spunky and fun girl that I have adopted.

While volunteering at SCAS, I never expected that I would adopt a dog. I was still in mourning for my 14 yr. old pit terrier that my family had adopted as a puppy from SCAS. I enjoyed walking many dogs during my volunteer time but Cece was definitely my favorite. I would walk her last so that I could spend more time with her and we had a wonderful connection that I can't explain.

Her transition from shelter to home was a little easier than normal since we had already established a solid relationship at SCAS. The first few days she was content to sleep alone, but after that she wanted cuddles and kisses. Cece absolutely loves her walks and rides in the car. When she’s happy, her tail wags side to side, but when she’s really happy, her tail becomes a full windmill!  She also loves jumping in the pool and chasing after her floaty toys. Our next new adventure will be going to the beach.

Cece knows sit, paw, and even stay. When I put her food down, I ask her to stay and when I am ready, I ask her to “go ahead” and that's when she goes to her food bowl. She is also very gentle whenever taking a treat from my hand. Everything about Cece is heavenly, angelic, and celestial. I’m in love!


Buddy is doing fantastic in his new home. Dad says that Buddy has fit in with their family like he'd been with them since he was a puppy. He sleeps in bed with their 13 year old every night and has the entire house to himself when they go out and doesn't get into any mischief. Buddy is great with the 4 and 5 yr. old children and they adore him. Dad said he is the BEST dog and was surprised that Buddy had not yet been adopted when they met him. He gets lots of hugs and kisses all day long and they are very happy that he has joined their family! 


Blanca's (now known as Paisley) new family decided they were ready to open up their hearts and home to a third rescue  dog. They had previously adopted Cooper and Waylon, now ages 6 and 7.  The family wanted to adopt a senior dog or a dog who might be overlooked and a volunteer had recommended they meet 9 yr. old Paisley. She had already been in a shelter twice and had skin issues and needed eye surgery. When they met her, they fell in love. They have taken it slowly to make sure all three dogs get along and trust each other. Paisley's eye surgery was a success and her skin is healing beautifully. Paisley is loving life in her wonderful forever home with Waylon and Cooper and Mom says that their family is now complete!


Parker's (now known as Ziggy) new mom says he is doing great and loves his canine sibling, Ally. She looked at a few dogs and says that "Ally ended up choosing her brother."  Ziggy and Ally love to walk together and Ziggy does fine with meeting other dogs.  She said he had some anxiety the first few weeks learning about all the new sights and sounds in the house, but  Ally has helped him settle in and become more confident.  Mom and Ally are very happy that Ziggy has found his forever home with them!


Carmela, now known as Karma. Her new family was looking for a dog with a sweet and mellow temperament and she fit this description perfectly. Mom says that Karma is very loving and learns quickly. She  has been on a few camping trips and is a great traveler in the car and the camper. Karma is currently enrolled in the Canine Good Citizenship program and after she receives her certification, they hope to enroll her in training to become a therapy dog. Another lucky dog to have found a wonderful family and home!